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About Us



This history of CST is rooted in the Midwest, as The Superior Group and Tri-City Electric Co. partnered to complete a large data center project beginning in 2013. As this collaboration was a success and we expanded our venture, Continental Electric of Chicago joined our partnership, forming CST, a Continental, Superior and Tri-City partnership in 2014.

CST is unique in that our venture is a collaboration of three of the largest electrical and technology firms in the region with an established tri-venture track record that dates back to 2013. Our venture is a singular partnership and entity in every sense. We pride ourselves on how our team works together to leverage our strengths for our customers.

Our Values

A Welcoming Place for Everyone

We are committed to creating a safe, equitable, and inclusive work environment for all employees.

Advancing the Industry

We strive to build things better and push the construction industry forward. 


We solve problems and embrace success together with our customers.

Work Hard Together

It takes a team to build big things. We encourage individual impact but rely on each other everyday.

Be Humble

We take pride in our work, but never let it undermine the hard work it took to get us here.